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AWS Certified Associate AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate

Last Update Jul 12, 2024
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Questions 4

An environment company has discovered that a number of Amazon EC2 instances in a VPC are marked as high risk according to a Common Vulnerabilities and Expressures (CVE) report. The Security tea, requests that all these instances be upgraded.

Who is responsible for upgrading the EC2 instances?



The AWS Security team


The Amazon EC2 team


The AWS Premium Support team


The company’s System Administrator

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Questions 5

A company uses federation to authenticate users and grant AWS permissions. The SysOps Administrator has been asked to determine who made a request to AWS Organizations for a new AWS account.

What should the Administrator review to determine who made the request?



AWS CloudTrail for the federated identity user name


AWS IAM Access Advisor for the federated user name


AWS Organizations access log for the federated identity user name


Federated identity provider logs for the user name

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Questions 6

A SysOps administrator recently launched an application consisting of web servers running on Amazon EC2 instances, an Amazon ElastiCache cluster communicating on port 6379, and an Amazon RDS tor PostgreSQL DB instance communicating on port 5432. The web servers are in the security group web-sg. the ElastiCache cluster is in the security group cache-sg. and the DB instance is in the security group database-sg.

The application fails on start, with the error message "Unable to connect to the database."

The rules in web-sg are as follows.

Questions 6

Which change should the SysOps administrator make to web-sg to correct the issue without compromising security?



Add a new inbound rule:

database-ag TCP 5432


Add a new outbound rule:

database-sg TCP 5432


Add a new outbound rule: Ail Traffic 0-€5535


Change the outbound rule to:

cache-sg TCP 54 32

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Questions 7

A financial service company is running distributed computing software to manage a fleet of 20 servers for their calculations. There are 2 control nodes and 18 worker nodes to run the calculations. Worker nodes can be automatically started by the control nodes when required. Currently, all nodes are running on demand, and the worker nodes are uses for approximately 4 hours each day.

Which combination of actions will be most cost-effective? (Select Two)



Use dedicated Hosts for the control nodes.


Use reserved instances for the control nodes.


Use reserved instances for the worker nodes.


Use spot instances for the control nodes and On-demand instances if there is no Spot availability.


Use spot instances for the worker nodes and On-demand instances if there is no spot availability.

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