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Salesforce Data Cloud Salesforce Certified Data Cloud Consultant(WI24)

Salesforce Certified Data Cloud Consultant(WI24)

Last Update Apr 12, 2024
Total Questions : 104

To help you prepare for the Data-Cloud-Consultant Salesforce exam, we are offering free Data-Cloud-Consultant Salesforce exam questions. All you need to do is sign up, provide your details, and prepare with the free Data-Cloud-Consultant practice questions. Once you have done that, you will have access to the entire pool of Salesforce Certified Data Cloud Consultant(WI24) Data-Cloud-Consultant test questions which will help you better prepare for the exam. Additionally, you can also find a range of Salesforce Certified Data Cloud Consultant(WI24) resources online to help you better understand the topics covered on the exam, such as Salesforce Certified Data Cloud Consultant(WI24) Data-Cloud-Consultant video tutorials, blogs, study guides, and more. Additionally, you can also practice with realistic Salesforce Data-Cloud-Consultant exam simulations and get feedback on your progress. Finally, you can also share your progress with friends and family and get encouragement and support from them.

Questions 4

Cumulus Financial uses Service Cloud as its CRM and stores mobile phone, home phone,

and work phone as three separate fields for its customers on the Contact record. The company plans

to use Data Cloud and ingest the Contact object via the CRM Connector.

What is the most efficient approach that a consultant should take when ingesting this data to ensure

all the different phone numbers are properly mapped and available for use in activation?



Ingest the Contact object and map the Work Phone, Mobile Phone, and Home Phone to the

Contact Point Phone data map object from the Contact data stream.


Ingest the Contact object and use streaming transforms to normalize the phone numbers from

the Contact data stream into a separate Phone data lake object (DLO) that contains three rows,

and then map this new DLO to the Contact Point Phone data map object.


Ingest the Contact object and then create a calculated insight to normalize the phone numbers,

and then map to the Contact Point Phone data map object.


Ingest the Contact object and create formula fields in the Contact data stream on the phone

numbers, and then map to the Contact Point Phone data map object.

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Questions 5

A consultant is helping a beauty company ingest its profile data into Data Cloud. The company’s source data includes several fields, such as eye color, skin type, and hair color, that are not fields in the standard Individual data model object (DMO).

What should the consultant recommend to map this data to be used for both segmentation and identity resolution?



Create a custom DMO from scratch that has all fields that are needed.


Create a custom DMO with only the additional fields and map it to the standard Individual DMO.


Create custom fields on the standard Individual DMO.


Duplicate the standard Individual DMO and add the additional fields.

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Questions 6

A retailer wants to unify profiles using Loyalty ID which is different than the unique ID of

their customers.

Which object should the consultant use in identity resolution to perform exact match rules on the

Loyalty ID?



Party Identification object


Loyalty Identification object


Individual object


Contact Identification object

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Questions 7

A consultant is reviewing a recent activation using engagement-based related attributes but is not seeing any related attributes in their payload for the majority of their segment members.

Which two areas should the consultant review to help troubleshoot this issue?

Choose 2 answers



The related engagement events occurred within the last 90 days.


The activations are referencing segments that segment on profile data rather than engagement data.


The correct path is selected for the related attributes.


The activated profiles have a Unified Contact Point.

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