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Kubernetes Application Developer Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) Program

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) Program

Last Update Oct 3, 2023
Total Questions : 33

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Questions 4

Questions 4


1) Create a secret named app-secret in the default namespace containing the following single key-value pair:

Key3: value1

2) Create a Pod named ngnix secret in the default namespace.Specify a single container using the nginx:stable image.

Add an environment variable named BEST_VARIABLE consuming the value of the secret key3.


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Questions 5

Questions 5


Create a new deployment for running.nginx with the following parameters;

• Run the deployment in the kdpd00201 namespace. The namespace has already been created

• Name the deployment frontend and configure with 4 replicas

• Configure the pod with a container image of lfccncf/nginx:1.13.7

• Set an environment variable of NGINX__PORT=8080 and also expose that port for the container above


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Questions 6

Questions 6

Given a container that writes a log file in format A and a container that converts log files from format A to format B, create a deployment that runs both containers such that the log files from the first container are converted by the second container, emitting logs in format B.


• Create a deployment named deployment-xyz in the default namespace, that:

•Includes a primary

lfccncf/busybox:1 container, named logger-dev

•includes a sidecar Ifccncf/fluentd:v0.12 container, named adapter-zen

•Mounts a shared volume /tmp/log on both containers, which does not persist when the pod is deleted

•Instructs the logger-dev

container to run the command

Questions 6

which should output logs to /tmp/log/input.log in plain text format, with example values:

Questions 6

• The adapter-zen sidecar container should read /tmp/log/input.log and output the data to /tmp/log/output.* in Fluentd JSON format. Note that no knowledge of Fluentd is required to complete this task: all you will need to achieve this is to create the ConfigMap from the spec file provided at /opt/KDMC00102/fluentd-configma p.yaml , and mount that ConfigMap to /fluentd/etc in the adapter-zen sidecar container


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Questions 7

Questions 7


You are tasked to create a secret and consume the secret in a pod using environment variables as follow:


• Create a secret named another-secret with a key/value pair; key1/value4

• Start an nginx pod named nginx-secret using container image nginx, and add an environment variable exposing the value of the secret key key 1, using COOL_VARIABLE as the name for the environment variable inside the pod


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